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According to the provisions of Article 1.1.b) of Order HAP/547/2013, dated 2 April (PDF, approx. 233.58 KB), creating and regulating the Electronic Registry of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations, the Undersecretariat's Resolution of 21 december 2015 (PDF, approx. 305 KB) approved the list of standardized electronic documents which fall under the competences of the electronic registry of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations.

Article 2.2.a) of the aforementioned Order also establishes that the General Directors of the Departments and the Directors of the bodies within the scope of the Electronic Registration are in charge of approving and changing application forms and standardised documents and communications, as well as specifying which fields must be filled in and the consistency criteria of the data to be provided in the form. The Resolutions approving the said forms will be published in the Official Gazette of the Ministry and shall be disseminated in the electronic offices to which access is allowed through electronic registration.

Notwithstanding the above, the first transitory provision of the aforementioned order establishes that this procedure does not include those forms that had already been approved and conform to the provisions of the Electronic Registration regulations of the now extinct Ministry of Economy and Finance and Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Administration, as long as such forms have not been subject to any modification.

  • Forms for appeals and claims:  Resolution of 13 April 2011 (PDF, approx. 20,6 MB), by the Technical General Secretariat of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, approving the standard forms for the online presentation of the procedures and formalities for which it is responsible.
  • Form for tenders for civil servants:  Resolution of 22 December 2010 (PDF, approx. 867 KB) of the Sub-Secretariat of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, approving the standardised form for the electronic submission of applications to take part in competitions for civil-service positions.
  • Forms for economic-administrative claims: Resolution of 21 February 2011 (PDF, approx. 3.52 MB) of the Presidency of the Central Administrative Court for Tax and Economic Appeals, approving the standard forms for electronic presentation of economic-administrative claims, other appeals and incidents of the economic-administrative process, submissions and communications to the Central Administrative Court for Tax and Economic Appeals.
  • Complaint and suggestion forms: Resolution of 13 October 2010 (PDF, approx. 3.22 MB), of the Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Economy and Finance adopting the standardized forms for submitting complaints and suggestions online.
  • Forms for assets: Decision of 20 September 2010 (PDF, approx. 272 KB), of the Directorate General of State Assets approving standardised forms for online processing of the notification by financial entities of movable assets and abandoned account balances.