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Article 11 e) of Royal Decree 203/2021, of 30 March, which approves the Regulation on the action and operation of the public sector by electronic means, includes, as a minimum content available to interested parties, the regulations governing the Register accessed through the electronic office.

Article 38 of the aforementioned Royal Decree regulates the Central Electronic Register of the General State Administration and establishes the nature and operation thereof, which has the function of recording all documents submitted to or received by any administrative body of the General State Administration.

On the other hand, Order PCM/1382/2021, of 9 December, which regulates the General Electronic Register within the scope of the General State Administration, sets out the requirements and conditions for the operation of the REG-AGE.

The REG-AGE shall admit:

  • Standardised electronic documents corresponding to the services, procedures and formalities specified pursuant to the provisions of the rule creating the register, completed in accordance with pre-established formats. The Ministry of Finance has standardised forms for processing appeals and claims, complaints and suggestions and economic-administrative appeals, among others.
  • Any request, letter or communication other than those mentioned in the previous paragraph addressed to any Public Administration.

In accordance with article 16.8 of Law 39/2015, of 1 October, documents and information whose special regime establishes another form of presentation will not be considered to be submitted in the register. In such cases, the administrative body responsible for processing the procedure shall inform the interested party of this circumstance and shall inform them of the requirements of the specific applicable legislation.