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Royal Decree 203/2021, of 30 March, approving the Regulations and functioning of the public sector through electronic means, establishes that the electronic office or the associated electronic office shall have, among the minimum content indicated in article 11.1, the identification of the act or provision of its creation, directly or through a link to its publication in the corresponding Official Gazette, as established in section (b) of the aforementioned article 11.1.

Articles 10.1 and 10.2 of the aforementioned Royal Decree establish that the associated electronic office shall be considered an electronic office for all purposes, and that the act or resolution creating or deleting an electronic site or an associated electronic site shall be published in the corresponding official gazette depending on the Public Administration that owns the site or the associated site.

The sixth additional provision of the aforementioned Royal Decree 203/2021 establishes that the electronic offices existing on the date of entry into force of the decree become electronic offices associated with the electronic office of the General State Administration, which is the site of the electronic General Access Point (PAGe, as per the Spanish acronym). The electronic sub-offices shall also become associated electronic offices. Likewise, the electronic offices of the public bodies or entities governed by public law that are linked or dependent on the date of entry into force of this Royal Decree shall maintain their nature as electronic offices and their sub-offices shall become associated electronic offices.