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Technical General Secretariat

Optional previous request before the Data Protection Officer of the Ministry of Finance

Before the submission of a claim before the Spanish Data Protection Agency, the interested party may address the Data Protection Officer of the entity subject of the complaint (Section 37 of the LOPDGDD)

Body Responsible: Technical General Secretariat

Matter: Appeals and claims

SIA code: 1986989

Please read these instructions carefully before clicking "GO TO THE PROCEDURE":

In Section 1. Details of the person submitting the written notice:

  • Please fulfil the postal information with the address where you would like to receive the information requested.
  • If you opt to receive electronic notifications, please ensure your email address is correct..

In Section 2. Details of the written notice:

  • The intended recipient of the notice is the Data Protection Officer of the Ministry of Finance, whose duties have been undertaken by the Technical General Secretariat Your notice must be addressed to the Technical General Secretariat.
  • In the "subject" field, please write: Claim before the Data Protection Officer..
  • In the “declares” and “requests” fields, please clearly state the reasons for your claim and, if you know them, state the name of the head or manager of processing against whom you are claiming. You may find a full, updated list of the processing activities of your personal data that are carried out by the Ministry of Finance, stating their relevant managers, on this link to the Registry of Processing Activities published in the Ministry's Website.

Link to the technical specifications of the form relating to the form of identification and the type and configuration of the Internet browser for the correct operation of the application.

Link to the downloadable form to process the procedure in person or to include as an attachment to electronic form (PDF approx 204,95 KB).

For any query in relation to the exercise of your personal data rights, please see the information procedure on the processing of personal data of the data subject.

For technical queries or relating to the content of the site: