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Technical General Secretariat

Biblioteca Central del Ministerio

The Technical General Secretariat, as a managing body, has competence over common services related to regulation production, legal assistance, information and publications, Data Protection Officer and coordination for the reuse of public information.

Within the services provided to citizens in the exercise of their rights, the Technical General Secretariat is responsible for receiving, instructing and, where appropriate, proposing the resolution of claims and appeals that may be filed, except those related to tax matters, which correspond to the economic-administrative courts.

It is also responsible for publishing the current regulations of the Department, assisting requests for general information of an administrative nature, as well as certifying or issuing legalised copies of documents and administrative records kept in the General Archive. It is also responsible for coordinating requests for the reuse of public information addressed to the department.  

Finally, the Data Protection Officer of the Ministry shall deal with the claims addressed prior to submitting a claim to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, as well as such requests for information related thereto.

If you want to start processing the competition services of this unit, please access the “ELECTRONIC SERVICES” link on the left of the screen. For further information, you can check the following websites of the Ministry corresponding to the competence matters of this body: