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Technical General Secretariat

Claim against the rejection of a request or complaint regarding web accessibility.

Claim to know and oppose the reasons for the rejection of a request for accessible information or complaint, urge the adoption of appropriate measures in the event of not agreeing with the decision taken, or state the reasons why it is considered that the response does not meet the required requirements.

Body Responsible: Technical General Secretariat

Matter: Appeals and claims

SIA code: 2328523

  • This procedure is processed using the Common Electronic Registry Form of the General State Administration (REC) From “GO TO PROCEDURE” you can:
    • Send your request electronically
    • Consult the status of your procedure
    • Consult the information regarding access to said registry
  • When submitting a complaint regarding the dismissal of a web accessibility request or complaint, please ensure that the following indicators are included in the “Request” section of the REG form:
    • Agency or entity to which the complaint is addressed: indicate "Subdirectorate General for Web Services, Transparency and Data Protection", or "General Technical Secretariat (of this Ministry)" if the complaint is about an action of this Subdirectorate General.
    • Subject: “Request for a complaint against the rejection of a web accessibility request or complaint.”
    • In the “State” and “Request” fields, specify the type of accessible information request or complaint you are appealing and provide a detailed explanation of your complaint. This may include requesting to know and contest the reasons for rejection, pushing for action to be taken if you disagree with the decision made, or explaining why you believe the response does not meet the requirements.
  • For any query related to this Electronic Service offered by the Technical General Secretariat, please contact:
  • For technical incidents affecting the REC, you may contact:
  • Link to the procedure's information on the Ministry's website.