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Technical General Secretariat

Patrimonial Responsibility of Public Administrations.

Application from private individuals for indemnity for any damage to their assets and rights as a result of the funtioning of the public services.

Body Responsible: Technical General Secretariat

Matter: Appeals and claims

SIA code: 991561

  • This platform is accessed by using a secure communication channel and, as an essential requirement, you should have an electronic identity card (e-ID) or a recognized X509.3 certificate, based either on a logic carrier (a file) or on a physical carrier (a cryptographic card).
  • Access is by way of a Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 browser or later, Netscape 4.72, Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or later.
  • For any other enquiries regarding the management of the procedure - Finance:
  • For technical queries or queries about the content of the website:
  • Link to the downloadable form to carry out the procedure in person (PDF, aprox. 1,29 MB)