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General Inspectorate

General Inspectorate

The General Inspectorate of the Ministry of Finance is the body with the rank of Directorate General that reports directly to the Under-Secretariat of the department, which has functions that include the inspection of all the services, bodies, organisations and entities reporting to or attached to the Department. Similarly, by law, the General Inspectorate inspects the services of the Autonomous Regions which manage the taxes ceded by the State.

The General Inspectorate is responsible for preparing, analysing and using the information on the management and operation of the services required to perform its functions, and it drafts and puts forward proposals and recommendations arising from its internal control activity for the efficient coordinated working of the services, to improve the measures and attainment of the goals set for them, to unify criteria and organisational, procedural or substantive changes that contribute to decision making aimed at greater compliance with the programmes of the Ministry.

Furthermore, the General Inspectorate is responsible for promoting and coordinating the policy to improve the quality of the Ministry's public services, the development of systems to evaluate efficiency and quality, the coordination of measures to improve citizens' information systems, and to implement specific actions to ensure that the public's rights to electronic access to such services are upheld.  Within this specific framework, the General Inspectorate manages the online system for receiving complaints and suggestions addressed to the Department’s various autonomous bodies and agencies, with the exception of those sent to the Taxpayer Defence Council.

Finally, within the advisory and assistance functions to the Ministry authorities related to the activities undertaken by the different services, it is the Inspector General's responsibility to provide support to the Sub-Secretariat to promote and coordinate the Ministry’s digital administration.

The General Inspectorate is made up of the Services Inspectorates and the Underdirectorates General for Administrative Responsibilities and Services Statistics.

The General Inspectorate offers a service for the verification of electronic documents by means of a Secure Verification Code (CSV), pursuant to provisions of Order HAP/533/2016, of 13 April.