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Automated administrative action is understood as defined in Article 41 of Law 40/2015, of 1 October, on the Legal Regime of the Public Sector. That is, any act or action carried out wholly by electronic means by a Public Administration within the framework of an administrative procedure and in which no public sector employee has intervened directly.

Article 42 of Law 40/2015, of 1 October, includes among the different electronic signature possibilities in automated administrative actions the use of electronic seals based on electronic certificates fulfilling the requirements established by the electronic signature regulations, or the use of a Secure Verification Code (hereinafter, CSV, as per the Spanish acronym).

Regulation of automated administrative procedures:

Regulation for the creation of electronic seals:

Regulation for the creation CSV:

  • General Inspectorate: Order HAP/533/2016, of 13 April, regulating the automated administrative activities within the scope of its powers and its use of the secure code verification (CSV) system.
  • General Secretariat for Budgets and Expenses and General Comptroller of the State Administration: Order HAC/1108/2019, of 7 October, establishing the use of the secure code verification system.

Joint regulation of automated administrative procedures and electronic seals: