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Administrative Courts for Tax and Economic Appeals


Administrative Courts for Tax and Economic Appeals

Tribunal Económico Administrativo

In these online headquarters you will find access to the Electronic Services offered by the Economic-Administrative Courts:

  • Consultation of a claim processing state
  • Interposition of Economic-Administrative claims among private individuals
  • Interposition of other Economic-Administrative claims directed to an Economic-Administrative Court
  • Presentation of Allegations
  • Presentation of other communications referring to Economic-Administrative claims
  • Appointment: attention in offices.

To access such services, please click on ELECTRONIC SERVICES on the left of the screen.

IMPORTANT: The electronic Economic-Administrative claims interposition against acts dictated by administrative organisms, and the electronic interposition of execution incidents shall be done in the online headquarters of the administrative organism. If such online headquarters did not exist, they will be interposed in written form in the necessary organ.