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Administrative Courts for Tax and Economic Appeals


Administrative Courts for Tax and Economic Appeals

Filing of appeals, procedural issues or suspension requests with regard to the processing of Economic-Administrative appeals

Interposition of appeals (art. 241.1 LGT); of annulation claims (art. 241 bis LGT); of suspension incidents (art. 43.5 and 44.5 from the R.D. 520/2005); of appearance incidents (art. 232.3 LGT); of incidental matters (art. 236.6 LGT); of suspension requests before an Economic-Administrative Court (art. 233.4 and 233.5 LGT) and of ressolution extension (art. 69 from the R.D. 520/2005)

Body Responsible: Central Administrative Court for Tax and Economic Appeals

Matter: Appeals and claims

SIA code: 998151

Clicking “GO TO PROCEDURE” accesses the filing application form.

Requirements for the electronic signature:

For any queries:

IMPORTANT: This is a form solely for filing the abovementioned appeals, incidents or requests.

It should not be used for filing economic-administrative claims or incidents in the execution of the economic-administrative proceeding.