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Commissioner for the Tobacco Market.

CM Tabacos

Commissioner for the Tobacco Market.

Statement of compliance for the sale of other items in tobacco and stamp outlets.

Affidavit for the marketing of other products or the provision of services in general tobacco and stamp outlets. The Tobacco Market Commission (CMT) reminds licensees of State Tobacco and Stamp Outlets that, if they intend to market services or products other than sampling products, books and stationery, they must submit an affidavit to the CMT, in accordance with Article 31(4) of Royal Decree 1199/1999, of 9 July 1999, implementing Law 13/1998, of 4 May 1998, on Tobacco Market Regulation and Taxation and regulating the concessionary status of the network of tobacco and stamp outlets. It should also be noted that the CMT, in the exercise of its powers of verification, control and inspection, may at any time decide to render them ineffective, after verifying that such marketing affects the proper conservation and sale of the tobacco and stamp products or the safety of users. It is recommended that they be submitted preferably through the electronic register of the CMT

Body Responsible: Commissioner for the Tobacco Market

Matter: Tobacco Market

SIA code: 171220