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Commissioner for the Tobacco Market.

CM Tabacos

Commissioner for the Tobacco Market.

Comisionado para el Mercado de Tabacos

The Spanish Tobacco Market Commission is an independent body of the General State Administration assigned to the Ministry of Finance through the Department of the Undersecretary that is competent for "regulating and supervising in order to safeguard the criteria of neutrality and effective conditions of free competition on the tobacco market across the national territory" (Art. 5.3 of Law 13/1998, dated 4 May, on the Regulation of the Tobacco Market and Tax Legislation).

This is the electronic office of the Commission, from where you can log on to the electronic register to send writs and communiqués and open certain procedures.  

The electronic office is at the disposal of the players on the tobacco market (vendors, manufacturers, distributors, owners of points of sale subject to surcharges) and citizens or businesses in general.