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Non-tax income. Form 069. Processing.

The following services are available to citizens: Obtaining form 069 for the payment of certain income (currently only available for reimbursement of expenses for the publication of advertisements in the BOE (Official State Gazette). Certificate of being up to date with payment of reimbursement of subsidies. Consultation of 069 forms issued in their name relating to non-tax debts, as well as payment thereof. Management of deferment payment or payment in instalments of non-tax debts.

Body Responsible: Office of the State Comptroller-General

Matter: Treasury and Financial Policy

SIA code: 210417

  • This service is accessed by using a secure communication channel and, as a prerequisite, you must identify yourself by using one of the methods made available by the Cl@ve service: Cl@ve PIN, Cl@ve Permanent or Electronic Certificate. Information about Cl@ve.
  • Access is via Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher (32-bit or 64-bit), Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or higher (Windows only supported in 32-bit), Google Chrome 15 or higher, Apple Safari 5 or higher. For settings requirements you can download the Browser Settings Manual.
  •  If you do not have an electronic certificate or Cl@ve, you can get here an application form for payment in instalments of non-tax debts (Form 069) to be submitted at the Administration's registry assistance offices. WARNING: To avoid browser settings problems, once the form is opened, save it on your PC and open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill it in correctly. Accessing the form.    
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