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Re-use of public information

Application for reuse of administrative documents when their nature requires a procedure (when the documents do not exist in electronic form and in the case that a regulation establishes it, with justification)

Body Responsible: Technical General Secretariat

Matter: Public Information

SIA code: 201064

Please read these instructions carefully before going to “GO TO THE PROCEDURE”.

This procedure is processed through the AGE's General Electronic Register (REG) form. From “GO TO THE PROCEDURE” you can:

  • Send your request electronically
  • Check the processing status of your procedure
  • Check the information relating to the access to said register

You may also submit your request through other means provided for in article 16.4 of Law 37/2015, of 1 October, on the Common Administration Procedure of Public Administrations.

When submitting a request for reuse of public information to the Ministry of Finance, please note the following information in the Data section of the request:

  • Addressed body: the request should be addressed to the entity holding the documents for which reuse is requested.
  • Subject: write in this field “Request for reuse of public information”
  • In the fields “State” and “Request” write clearly the identification of the document(s) for which you are requesting access, specifying the purposes, commercial or non-commercial, of the reuse.

For technical incidents affecting the AGE's General Electronic Register, please contact: