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Non-tax revenue. 069 Form. Procedures

The following services are available to citizens:: • Receipt of the 069 form in order to make payment of certain income (currently only available to reimburse expenses for the publication of advertisements in the Official State Gazette). • Consultation of 069 forms issued in your name relating to non-tax debts, as well as the payment of the same. • Management of deferment or payment in instalments of non-tax debts.

Body Responsible: General Comptroller of the State Administration

Matter: Treasury and Financial Policy

SIA code: 210417

  • This service is accessed by using a secure communication channel and, as a prerequisite, you must identify yourself by using one of the methods made available by the Cl@ve service: Cl@ve PIN, Cl@ve Permanent or Electronic Certificate. Information about Cl@ve.
  • Access is via Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher (32-bit or 64-bit), Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or higher (Windows only supported in 32-bit), Google Chrome 15 or higher, Apple Safari 5 or higher. For settings requirements you can download the Browser Settings Manual.
  •  If you do not have an electronic certificate or Cl@ve, you can get here an application form for payment in instalments of non-tax debts (Form 069) to be submitted at the Administration's registry assistance offices. WARNING: To avoid browser settings problems, once the form is opened, save it on your PC and open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill it in correctly. Accessing the form.    
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