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State Vehicle Fleet

State Vehicle Fleet

The State Vehicle Fleet is structured as an autonomous body of those specified in Article 45 of Law 6/1997, of 14 April, on Organization and Operation of the General State Administration, subordinate to the Ministry of Finance, through the Undersecretariat.

Its structure and operation are regulated by Royal Decree 146/1999, of 29 January, amending the basic organic structure and functions, and the Autonomous Ministerial Vehicle Fleet Body is converted into the State Vehicle Fleet (Official State Gazette No 26 of 30 January), and by Royal Decree 1163/1999, of 2 July (Official State Gazette No 158, of 3 July), on  integration of the peripheral services of the Autonomous State Vehicle Fleet Body into Government Branches and Sub-branches.

The State Vehicle Fleet organization chart consists of a Governing Council and the Directorate. The Governing Council is composed of fifteen members plus its Secretary, and is presided over by the Undersecretary of the Department. The Director General, who is the Vice-President of the Governing Council is responsible for the following Underdirectorates General: Secretariat General, Underdirectorate General for Management, Underdirectorate General for the Economic  Regime, and Underdirectorate General for Human Resources.

The SVF peripheral services are integrated in the Government Branches and Sub-branches, which they come under in organizational terms. Functionally, however, they maintain their  relationship with the State Vehicle Fleet through a Coordination Commission.

Attached to the Directorate General, it is the Delegate Comptroller’s Office.

As specified in Article 4 of Royal Decree 146/1999, of 29 January, the State Vehicle Fleet administers the motor vehicle services not only of government, public bodies and other public law entities, attached to or dependent on the General State Administration, but also of the  Constitutional Organs of the State, when these so require.

Specific services provided:

  • Representation services for senior officers of government and public bodies and other public law entities, attached to or dependent on it, as well as for the Constitutional Bodies of the State.
  • The general and ordinary services that may be required by ministerial departments and other government public bodies.
  • The extraordinary services that may be required, on a specific and occasional basis, by the recipients of the foregoing services, by means of the appropriate economic compensation.

For further information, go to the State Vehicle Fleet web page at the Ministry Portal.