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Institute for Fiscal Studies


Institute for Fiscal Studies

Becas de formación en investigación para titulados universitarios

Becas de formación en investigación para titulados universitarios

Body Responsible: Institute for Fiscal Studies

Matter: Subsidies and Grants

SIA code: 182420

This procedure is processed using the Common Electronic Registry Form of the General State Administration (REC), which can be accessed from the link “GO TO PROCEDURE”.

The user can identify themselves using the Cl@ve system. The user will be redirected to the corresponding pages to prove their identity according to the authentication methods.

To use the Cl@ve system, the user must have a valid DNIe or digital certificate and have AutoFirma installed onto their chosen device. The system uses AutoFirma to identify the user.

The stipend request form is available on the Institute for Fiscal Studies website:

Once completed, a request document, in the form of a PDF, will be generated for the user to sign electronically and submit to the REC as an attachment. It is recommended to use AutoFirma to sign the document.

Requests obtained through the completion of the form, but not signed and submitted electronically, will not be accepted.

In the General Registry (REC): To successfully sign up on-line, you must complete:

  • Applicant information: identifying information, address, etc.
  • Application Information, to be submitted according to the following information:
    • Recipient body: Instituto de Estudios Fiscales (Institute of Financial Studies)
    • Subject: Training and Research Grants 2023 / SIA: 182420
    • Declares / Requests: “Please attach the following documents:
      • Requests for Training and Research Grants in INAP for University Graduates.
      • University degree: Personal completed academic studies.
      • Documents accrediting merits (degrees or diplomas, particularly in languages and IT; training programmes; work and research experience, etc. for assessment purposes)".

In the Annex, the following should be attached:

  • You must attach the electronically signed request document and submit as a PDF. It should be signed using an electronic signature with your valid DNIe or Digital certificate.
  • The documentation listed in Section Eight of the Resolution of the call for applications, "Documentation to be submitted by applicants".


  • For queries about how the stipend is assigned. These should be requests for information that has neither been made available in the Resolution of the Call [“Resolución de Convocatoria” in Spanish] and nor on the Institute for Fiscal Studies website, email:
  • If you have any questions about the Electronic Services available from the Instituto de Estudios Fiscales, please write to:
  • If you have any technical questions or questions about the site content, please write to: