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Institute for Fiscal Studies


Institute for Fiscal Studies

Graduate Training Programme

Grants for the training of graduates in research in areas relating to public finances.

Body Responsible: Institute for Fiscal Studies

Matter: Training

SIA code: 182420

  • This procedure is processed using the Common Electronic Registry Form of the General State Administration (REC) From “GO TO PROCEDURE” you can: 
    • Send your request electronically
    • Consult the status of your procedure
    • Consult the information regarding access to said registry
  • To access the service and submit your application, you must have an electronic identity number or a Digital Certificate:
    • User identification is through the Cl@ve platform: DNIe / Digital Certificate, Cl@ve PIN and permanent Cl@ve.
    • The citizen's electronic certificate is required to register the application, using a DNIe / Digital certificate recognised by the @firma platform.
    • Browsers that do not supplier running Java Applets must have Autofirma installed.
  • The application form is available on the IEF portal from the page Complete the form to generate a PDF. Download this and submit via the REC as an annexed documents.
  • As well as adding the aforementioned PDF in Annexed documents and completing the Data of the interested party, complete the fields relating to the Application data as explained below::
    • Recipient body: Instituto de Estudios Fiscales (Institute of Financial Studies)
    • Subject: University graduate training programme | SIA: 182420
    • Declares / Requests: Application university graduate scholarship
  • If you have any questions about the Electronic Services available from the Instituto de Estudios Fiscales, please write to:
  • If you have any technical questions or questions about the site content, please write to: