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Commissioner for the Tobacco Market.

CM Tabacos

Commissioner for the Tobacco Market.

Application for authorisation of a point-of-sale subject to extra charge.

Obtain an authorization of point of sale with Surcharge to holders of a mercantile establishment of the categories referred to in Article 25 of the royal decree 1199/1999, of 9 July. The procedure is available in the electronic site Commissioner. you can also be made using models available in role in tobacconists liquidated and the rate, recording subsequently documentation at the Headquarters in making the request.

Body Responsible: Commissioner for the Tobacco Market

Matter: Tobacco Market

SIA code: 991508

  • This Procedure is processed through the Electronic Office of the Commissioner, accessing Procedures, Points of Sale with Surcharge.
    • It allows both to make the request directly, and to register any request that could have been submitted on paper.
    • You can check the status of your processing and receive notifications at said Electronic Office.
  • If you have any doubt with regard to this Electronic Service offered by the Commissioner for the Tobacco Market, you may contact:
  • For technical incidents affecting this Electronic Service, please contact